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WIP: Spring lines sweater + a great podcast about gauge



My spring lines sweater is progressing slowly. Here are some photos of the work in progress.

20151022_224012 20151021_154044

Up till now it’s a fun project and what pleased me most is that my gauge was almost perfect (well, this rarely happens, don’t you think?).

Then I remembered this very good podcast, the first episode of KNIT.FM where Hannah Fettig & Pam Allen talk about gauge. It a really great podcast if you want to deepen your knowledge on the subject:  what is it?  How to knit a gauge swatch? How to measure your swatch? Does row gauge matter? What if you can never “get gauge”? And a lot more.

Yes, I know some people (not knitters of course ) may think it is strange to listen to people who talk about gauge for half an hour. But Pam and Hannah are so nice and talk at eye level.  I listened to it while cooking dinner and enjoyed very much  🙂