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I made a swimsuit/ Bombshell swimsuit by Closet Case Files

20160715_185523_smlThis July I finally made my first Bombshell swimsuit.

This pattern was published on Closet case files like 3  years ago, and immediately became a hit. Everyone were sewing a swimsuit and   the whole blogoshere  was admiring it. Really. All around woman were not only  sewing  and loving this pattern, but also publishing their photos proudly wearing their hand-made swimsuits in a big happy celebration of positive body image (some of them with amazement because they never thought they’ll publish a photo in a swimsuit on the internet….)

This was just around the point in my life when I started to sew and fell in love with sewing blogs.

WOW. This opened my mind. Just like that. I didn’t realize there were people in this world that were sewing swimsuits for themselves.

Since that moment this became a little thing to aspire to. Something that I thought I might do sometime in the future. Maybe after I’ll have more sewing skills or be more confident and experienced or have more time to sew. So for a long time this pattern was on my sewing wishlist, but it was too “intimidating”.

And then I heard this inspiring podcast on seamwork radio (Thank you Heather) + we were planning a vacation to Costa Rica + I have an unsolved issue with finding a swimsuit I feel comfortable to wear so I didn’t have one. Apparently the time was NOW.

So I made it. And I totally love it, and I traveled with it to our dreamy vacation to Costa Rica.

And here I am wearing it.20160907_230222_resized 20160816_125628_resized 20160907_230803_resized 20160816_130717_resized 20160816_132030_resized 20160801_075219_resized2 20160801_093938_resized2

The pattern is great. The size is good. The instructions are very clear and the sew-along series of posts were helpful. It wasn’t a piece of cake I’ll tell you, but also not at all difficult as I feared. True: it has many steps, need to work slowly with a lot of attention. But I realized that working with Lycra was actually fun for me. And so what if I  screw up a little with sewing the elastic? it is on the inside and no one checks. Right? And so what if the back has a little too many gatherings because I’m  shorter than average and didn’t take it into account? I made it and it worked out. And I like it and feel very comfortable wearing my new swimsuit. WOOOHOO.

If (when) i’ll sew this pattern again, I think I’ll  try the version without gatherings in the back. Otherwise I would not change anything.

I sewed the swimsuit with my simple sewing machine that has functions of straight and zigzag stitch only. So, to all of you that are not sure: it is totally doable!