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Sewing for him/ Newcastle cardigan by Thread theory

A few years ago, when he bought me the sewing machine for my birthday  he said: “well, now please sew a jacket for me”.

Slowly I learned to sew and meanwhile the jacket became our little joke. Every time I was to busy dreaming about fabrics, watching  tutorials on YouTube or reading my favorite sewing blogs, and he asked me what I was doing, I said: “Oh, of course, I’m sewing your jacket”.

This winter I decided it was time to actually do it. But since he is not the jacket type of guy I made him a cardigan. Informal and with style

.Pattern: Newcastle cardigan by Thread theory, version v1 (with narrow collar). Last year I bought  “the parkland wardrobe builder” , 3  patterns for a T-shirt, pants and this cardigan. The tee I made last year was worn non-stop (picture below).

Strathcona tee by Thread theory

 The pattern is not very complicated. There is a lot of attention to details: interesting yoke and 2 shawl collar options (narrow or wide), nice facing (the cardigan is unlined) and decorative topstitching. The instructions are clear and accompanied by illustrations to help understand the structure and the process.

The fabric is some sort of medium weight scuba knit, soft and smooth, in heather grey. For the yoke I used denim. I skipped between M and L and I think the size and length are very good. Great piece for layering  and just right for the changing weather.


The boys in my life and the clothes I made for them lately

  Sewing menswear is a bit challenging. Not because the sewing patterns are more complicated, but because it is much harder to find good, contemporary and wearable sewing patterns for men. The Internet world is full of amazing women’s patterns, but what about the deprived men?

A quick search for “shirt ” in the very popular Burda site gives the following results: 471 options for the women’s section but only 16 patterns for men (some of them are nice but some are for strange costumes like here and here or for pajama tops). This means that for every 100  patterns for women they release only 3-4 patterns for men, 20% unwearable (unless it’s bedtime or halloween…). Well don’t catch my statistics, but this really demonstrates the situation.

So I’m on a search for good patterns for the men in my life. And I did found some indie companies, like Thread theory and Walden, and (if you knit) brooklyn tweed with the BTmen collections, that take men more seriously.

Meanwhile, meet the boys in my life and the clothes I made for them:IMG_9265

For my big man: Avast sweater by Jesse Loesberg, A free knitting pattern from 2006 fall Knitty magazine; and  Strathcona T-shirt by Thread theory made with some medium weight knit fabric.

For little men: a raglan sweatshirt with a pocket, refashioned from an adult size shirt that big men didn’t wear anymore. The pattern is here.IMG_9276I made the sweater for Gidon as a birthday present 3 year ago. You can see more on my Ravelry page. I loved the design and it has many little fine finishing details and that braid pattern above the hem.  This garment is very much loved by his owner. It’s practical, cozy and was worn a lot in the past few winters.

The shirt is new. A simple fitted t-shirt made with a medium weight knit  (some sort of french terry) in grey and dark blue, very soft but with no drape and just a small amount of stretch. Perfect for menswear. The pattern has many finishing options: long or short sleeves, finished with hem or a bend, henley placket or crew neck, and since my man is a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy I believe it will be a very useful pattern. The fit is just right for him.
I bought the whole Parkland wardrobe builder from Thread theory. It also includes a pair of pants and a nice cardigan and I’m so excited to try them.

This shirt is refashioned from an old adult size sweatshirt that Gidon didn’t wear anymore. I disassembled the sweatshirt: front, back sleeves and neck bend and use the fabric to sew this kid’s size raglan shirt. The hems and the details on the sleeve are from the original shirt, and I also used the original collar bend so it took just less then an hour to finish. The little pocket is made out of the fabric that was stitched to the inside of the sweatshirt for decoration. I looooove it. and so doe’s my boy.

IMG_9297  IMG_9286

They seem very happy. Don’t you think?