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The dress that remind me of my grandmother

  A few months ago I found this fabric in the fabric store. I’m not a spontaneous buyer and I usually plan my purchases. But something happened and this fabric, from all hundreds of fabric rolls in the store,this fabric touched my heart. It reminded me of my grandmother, Elizabeth, and the dresses she used to wear.

I don’t know what it was that set the emotion. Something in the brown, orange, yellow print or maybe the feel of the fabric’s texture that reminded me what I felt when I walked hand in hand with her to the grocery store to buy bread and olives, or  helped her when she made the cake for sabbath, or when she hugged me.

My grandma was a seamstress and I was very attached to her. she was the first woman I saw working on a sewing machine and it seemed like a magic to me.

 I knew immediately that I want this fabric and I also knew what I want to do with it. I wanted a dress with some 70s vibe, not exactly like grandma’s. Something to remind her dress but in my own way.


So the pattern I chose was the Megan dress from Love at first stitch by Tilly Walnes. And I wanted to make it sleeveless.

Here it is:

20151009_081707_resized_1 20151009_082400_resized_1 20151009_081846_resized_1 20151009_081930_resized_1

When I came to my mom a few weeks ago I was wearing this dress, but I did not tell her about my inspiration.

And when she saw me she was so exited and told me: “I don’t think you remember this but the dress you’re wearing remind me of my mother”. And she opened the closet and showed me the dress. It was the same one I was thinking about.

1977 Me and my grandmother, wearing clothes sewn by her

And a few words about Love at first stitch. If you visited me here before you probably noticed that I love Tilly’s patterns and attitude. So when she published her first sewing book I had to get myself a copy.  And it is lovely. In the book, designated for people who want to learn to sew clothes, you can find patterns and instructions for making some classic and basic clothes that can become staples in any wardrobe. From a very simple scarf  to pj pants, two skirts, a top and two dresses, the book guide you in a step by step manner with many helpful photos. Each pattern is accompanied by ideas on how to make the garment “your own”. In Tilly’s “Love at first stitch” pinterest board (here) you can see what other people have made from the patterns and draw some more inspiration.


Inspiration – October


Here are some of the things that are on my mind this month:

Something to read

Reading fringe association’s update about slow fashion October I bumped into this very interesting post by Ysolda teague. It’s called “Getting lost in the wardrobe” and it was written on April 2013, not long after the disaster of the garment factory in Bangladesh. She starts the post with a map of the world showing all the countries she found on clothing labels in her closet.  Then she share her thoughts and questions about what is a more ethical clothing choice. She present a view about some issues that take place in clothing factories and also talks in a very balanced and thought-provoking way about  why it’s important to focus on good quality and fit of the clothes we buy (or make) in order to love them and use them longer.

 In a similar matter: this is Sifted, a new blog that means to be a slow fashion directory. As I mentioned before, finding resources for slow fashion clothing and also sewing and knitting supplies is interesting me but I feel it’s hard to carry out. Think I’ll be following this blog to see what I can learn about this.

Something to learn

When I started to sew with knits I was a bit confused. It turns out that there are so many kinds of knit fabrics, with different qualities. How do you know what to look for when you go to the fabric store to choose a knit fabric? In the past two weeks Colette patterns published a few excellent video tutorials (as a promo for a new pattern release coming soon). This one is a simple dictionary for knit fabric terms and this one is about the 5 things to look for when shopping for knits.

So many possibilities

One of my plans for fall is to sew a fall/winter skirt. Now I start to think about the different options. I tried to narrow my ”fall skirt inspiration” pinterest board to just a minimal amount of photos so I can focus.



With or without pleats?

Light or dark color?

One color or plaid?

Wool or some lighter fabric?

 What do you think? Please let me know.