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From summer to fall / Alder shirtdress by Grainline


I made this dress sometime in late August and I love it so much, but somehow didn’t find the time to take pictures and blog about it. A lightweight airy shirtdress is the perfect thing to wear in our hot humid long mediterranean summer. Since I made it this dress, paired with white snickers, became my uniform.


Now that the weather here is starting to get a little bit colder I thought it would be nice to wear it with tights and my favorite hand knitted sweater20161028_084227_resized_1

 It is difficult to photograph the dress. The fabric has a tiny black and white plaid pattern that confuse the eye and the camera. It’s a shirting cotton with small precent of silk blend I found in a local fabric store. It’s light and soft and feel nice on the skin.  I think the dress is much prettier in real life.

Also, and you’ll have to excuse me, it’s a bit wrinkled. I did iron it but I wore it for a few hours before taking the pictures. Well, OK, I tell my self its real life and not a magazine, right?


I planned to sew the Alder Shirtdress pattern from Grainline studio for a long time.

In recent months I learn pattern making course and I practice drafting my own patterns. I wondered to myself what to do: I wanted to draft a shirtdress pattern myself but I only had this dress on my mind (you can’t blame me, it is a beautiful pattern). Finally I decided to challenge myself and work without the pattern. I wanted to incorporate all the design details that I love about the Alder: the pockets, the collar and the side panels. My version is without side darts and the A line skirt is a little wider. So I made it and I’m quite satisfied with the result. Now I plan to buy the Alder pattern as a gift for a sewing friend. Think it’s fair.


I sewed the buttons in fuchsia pink thread and it gives small dots of color that really pop the eye and make it happier.


The butterfly is  a brooch I received from my grandmother sometime before 30 years or so. It covers a tiny tear in the corner of the front panel that I could not fix. I don’t mind, I think it adds a bit more joy.20161028_084645_resized

 A back photo. From distance it seems gray.


If I summarize my sewing adventures of this summer, I can tell I’m very pleased I was able to sew two things that were on my wish list for a long time: this dress and the bombshell swimsuit. So even though I didn’t sew a lot  what I made came out good and was worn a lot and I practiced many new skills.

Now it’s time to start thinking about my plans for the coldest days. This is a glimpse to my winter inspiration board on Pinterest.

What about you? Planning something interesting for the winter ?


Everyday skirt for the cold days

I have a  new skirt .20151129_102522_resized 20151129_103957_resized_1 IMG_6151_1

The pattern is the Everyday skirt by Oliver+s made with a lovely wool fabric.

20151206_113323_1When I thought about making a skirt for fall/winter I knew I wanted a wool skirt, knee length with pockets. Searching for the right pattern I considered several possibilities and finely found this pattern. An everyday skirt with many advantages: the design is suitable for many fabric types from wool and denim and other heavier fabrics for colder days to light cottons for summer, it has pockets with a lot of room to warm my hands, and the elastic band in the back is a promise for a very comfortable and practical garment. On the other hand it has gatherings on the front panel and usually this is not very good for me…….m….uncertain. In the end what made me decide in favor of this skirt were the many beautiful pictures of it, made by other people all around the web. I really liked it, and especially the smooth side panels that help to reduce the volume (so the skirt is not puffy at all).

I enjoyed very much sewing the skirt, the instructions are very clear and good.

But unfortunately for me, while working, I figured out too late that the waist band of the skirt is to wide for my size. I still try to understand why because I took the measurements and followed the size charts in the instruction booklet. I tried to use (my very good friend) the seam ripper  but the unpicking was very unpretty , and I didn’t have more fabric. So I tried to fix the problem by reducing most of the side panels.

Pity. this was my favorite detail of the design. But never mind, I learn and I will need some more skirts. Next time (and there will be a next time) I will go down one or even two sizes, or narrow the front and back panels by a few centimeters.

I’m quite satisfied with my new skirt, although my attempt to fix the sides is not perfect at all. The bright sides: the fabric is lovely, warm and cozy and it doesn’t itch. The skirt is as comfortable as I’d expected and the pockets are deep and wonderful. It might become a staple for the colder days upcoming.