About me


IMG_20150918_152202Hi I’m Michal

I love to create things and especially to sew and knit for myself and my family.

I’m married to a great guy and we have two sweet kids, they bring a lot of joy to my life. I also have my day job. Since I’m busy most of the day my creative hours are after the kids go to sleep.

Ever since I started reading sewing and knitting blogs I realized that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful community. The talented creative people (mostly women) that I meet through the computer screen seem to be nice, friendly, supportive and generous. Reading their blogs inspired me to start knitting and sewing and this crafts became a very important part of my life now. I have a desire to learn and dare to try new things all the time.

Now I’m here to write about it.

I’m writing about my knitting and sewing projects. How I plan and choose what to do, share patterns and other stuff that I like and tell how it all fits into my life. I want to document what I do and learn, follow my successes, think and come up with ideas and maybe ….maybe even inspire someone else.

I hope it will be fun