Moji pants, #1

For quite some time now I’m planning to learn to sew pants. So finally I had some time to make my first try. Not something complicated, just a little experience. For starters I chose the simplest thing: pant with a very simple construction, no zipper or other possible complications, just a drawstring waist. Ah…. and pockets, of course.20160214_101551 20160214_101942 20160214_102230

The pattern is Moji pants from seamwork magazine. Well, in the past I made some leggings, pj pants and a few shorts for my kids. In other words: very practical but not very challenging. This pattern construction is very basic so it kind of felt like sewing  pajamas. Anyway, my main goal was to experience with fit issues.

The fabric is some cheap jeans I found in a small store in Tel Aviv. It has a very interesting texture and  I love it.IMG_9490_3

 I’m between sizes, size 4 for the waist and a smaller size for the hip. So I made some modifications but decided to keep the waist in size 4. I had some concerns about the waist being too wide but I did not listen to my instinct. I thought the drawstring would fix that. Mistake… as you can see in the pictures there is too much fabric in the upper area and the pants (although should be relaxed) are too relaxed around the waist. IMG_9493_2

Yet, I love the fabric, the pockets and the pocket lining, and I think I like the style of this easy casual pants. If I can fix the fitting problem, that is to say: take the waist 2 sizes down, I think this pants can certainty be a nice choice for me.

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