Quick and easy summer sewing for my kids

IMG_20150525_142253 - CopyMy kids, like many other kids I guess, don’t rush to get dressed in the morning. No matter what time it is or how hurry we are, they always take their time. Well, kids probably have their own clock.  And now that summer vacation is over and school and kindergarten started we have to deal with it all over again.

They don’t know what to wear in the morning.

To tell you the truth my kids closet is full of cloth, and they are big enough to go and pick their own outfit for themselves. I want them to feel comfortable in their cloths so that they    can move, run, jump, learn and have fun all day like kids should. And I don’t care if they get dirty. On the contrary. The problem is that “this is too tight” “this is too yellow” or “this looks funny” etc. It’s kind of hard to please them. And yes, I know we have to choose the cloths the evening before, we do that (many times), but it’s not working. What was good last night doesn’t always match the mood this morning. Eventually, what happens most of the times is that they pick the same garments again and again and again…. And O…O. what a mess it is if something is in the laundry basket.

Ha… Fortunately we always manage to get out in time and not be late for school/work (sigh of relief).

I love sewing for my kids. First, because you don’t need a lot of fabric to sew something pretty (a great stash buster). Also, working with small pieces of fabric make it easier and less intimidating to learn and practice new skills. It’s usually a quick project and a good quick satisfaction (we all need that too sometimes). But the most satisfying thing for me is when my kids love the things I make for them.

This summer I picked up the KIDS SHORTS by DANA MADE IT. And what a great versatile sort of pattern it is.

IMG_20150919_110512 - Copy IMG_20150919_110702 - Copy IMG_20150524_130703 - Copy

I love this shorts and they loooooove to wear them. I made a few for him, with pockets and flat front: one in blue, one in gingham and one in some seersucker fabric. I don’t think he took them off all summer long.

For her I made one in floral medium weight cotton fabric, and it was such a big success that I made a blue and white gingham to our niece too.

 Well done Dana. Thank you.


Another big success this summer were a few pairs of knit viscose leggings I made for her. No pattern here. I drafted the lines by outlining some leggings she likes to wear, added seam allowance and elastic band and sew with zigzag stitch on my regular sewing machine.

I already got orders for sewing next summer’s pants. I am one proud mom.

IMG_20150509_205407 - Copy

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