Sewing for him/ Newcastle cardigan by Thread theory

A few years ago, when he bought me the sewing machine for my birthday  he said: "well, now please sew a jacket for me".

Slowly I learned to sew and meanwhile the jacket became our little joke. Every time I was to busy dreaming about fabrics, watching  tutorials on YouTube or reading my favorite sewing blogs, and he asked me what I was doing, I said: "Oh, of course, I'm sewing your jacket".

This winter I decided it was time to actually do it. But since he is not the jacket type of guy I made him a cardigan. Informal and with style

.Pattern: Newcastle cardigan by Thread theory, version v1 (with narrow collar). Last year I bought  "the parkland wardrobe builder" , 3  patterns for a T-shirt, pants and this cardigan. The tee I made last year was worn non-stop (picture below).

Strathcona tee by Thread theory

 The pattern is not very complicated. There is a lot of attention to details: interesting yoke and 2 shawl collar options (narrow or wide), nice facing (the cardigan is unlined) and decorative topstitching. The instructions are clear and accompanied by illustrations to help understand the structure and the process.

The fabric is some sort of medium weight scuba knit, soft and smooth, in heather grey. For the yoke I used denim. I skipped between M and L and I think the size and length are very good. Great piece for layering  and just right for the changing weather.


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